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Frequent updates on progress for all City Engineer capitol improvement projects including schedule changes, and other relevant information to property owners, citizens, visitors, or people who are simply curious!  Check back often.  Subscribe below to be notified when changes are made/updates are posted.  Your information will remain private.

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When it Rains, it Pours!

Well, just as we were getting some momentum in paving the final pieces of 17th Street, the drought decided to come to an end of course.

With that being said, CCI continues to do a great job moving forward despite the conditions. The contractor has started coring the east side out today and plans to continue to do so tomorrow and Monday. Pending weather, they hope to be paving the east side of 17th Street by the end of next week. They also continue to finish installing driveways on the west side and hope to have those completed by end of next week as well.

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