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Since 2021, Axiom Consultants has been proud to serve as the City Engineer for the Village of Rapids City, IL.

Under this mantle, we provide comprehensive planning, design, and construction management services for Capital Improvement Projects.  We also serve an administrative role - overseeing consultant submittals for private work being completed within the city limits, and providing oversight and peer review.

17th Street Project


Village of Rapids City 17th Street Reconstruction improvements includes the full reconstruction of approximately 1,735 linear feet of an existing rural HMA street section to a 27-foot wide 7" PCC street with curb, gutter, and storm sewer. Improvements include all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to construct 7" PCC on a 6" modified subbase, longitudinal subdrain, driveways, intakes, storm sewer, 6" PVC water main, water services, traffic control, earthwork, erosion control, seeding and miscellaneous associated work including clean-up and restoration.

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